weed burning torch

Gaspony Power Flame Propane Torch – 500,000 BTU


This is the torch we use at the SOEcompound. I like it so much I now have two of them. I highly recommend this if you have a property and want to control your gas line or weeds.


Many of you have asked in our videos, facebook posts and Instagram what it is we use. Well her it is on amazon



gas-pony gas-pony-2

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Here is a short video of this torch in use.


Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail Runner

I just got these. They are great like the speed cross 3 shoes I have worn for years and years. I really dont know what the difference is between these 4’s and the older 3’s but they have a great stealthy look. I love the semi gloss black on flat black look. They fit great just like all the soloman’s and are super light. These ninja shoes will match your ninja britches perfectly.

I got them and liked them so much I bought them for my employees.

super comfy and super light.

  • Anti-Debris Mesh/Water Resistant Textile
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Agressive Grip : Obvious and penetrating traction on soft ground. 
  • Precise Foothold : Close-to-foot and comfortable feel. 
  • Lightweight Protection  : Just enough to provide protection for technical trail running. 
  • OUTSOLE: Wet Traction Contagrip  
  • MISOLE: Molded EVA / Lightweight Muscle / injected EVA 



These are not as bright as they look in this picture.



Powerbeats 2 WIRED In-Ear Headphone – Black

I run around the shop all day doing 100 different jobs. cooking, dealing with animals, running rzr’s, mowers, 4 wheelers, tractors, etc, sewing, cutting, boxing orders etc. I listen to music and podcasts most of the time. I have used many different ear buds to include cheapies, skull candy, Bose, and Beats. Once I started using the beats none of the others sounded as good. I will forget my beats or damage a pair and pick up another pair for the day or go back to my Bose and they just don’t have the same base and sound as the beats.


I have used beats for several years and been thru at least a dozen sets. Failure has usually been do to damaging the cord. Often time catching the cord on a door knob and something else and stretching it enough to fail. So this time I went wireless. They sound  Sound great. They seem to run about 3 hours which is a fair amount for as small as they are. It only takes 15 minutes to charge them. I often forget to turn them off when I am talking to someone and then get sides tracked with something else. They don’t seem to turn themselves off unless they loose the blue tooth signal from your device.  While charging I just use my wired pair then go back to the wireless once recharged. They charge off a provided use to mico usb cable that I just plug into my laptop. I use them all thru the day both inside and outside and am very happy with them. I want to say I paid considerably more than the $100.00 price I see them for now. I will buy a couple more pairs just to keep for in case and give as gifts this year for Christmas.

These look like they will fit most any war. They come with half a dozen of so different size ear pieces and some have a little rubber prong that fits into the ridge of your ear. When I saw them I didnt think I would use them but I love them. I use pus on the ear pieces and the sound would be so much better. Well these prongs do the same thing and improve the sound even more so and block out outside sound even better.

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Duracell 1300 Lumen Flashlight with Zoom, Batteries Included

like many of you guys I’m a sucker for flashlights and gadgets. I have literally hundreds of flashlights in different sizes, different powers, different batteries and different costs from $15.00 up to $1000.00 each.

I came across these a couple years ago at Costco and bought one on a whim. We where out at the compound one evening and couldn’t find a light for thew life of me. Ran inside and opened on of these and put the included batteries inside it and lit it off. It was like a light saber. Bright enough you could shine it up in the air and see the bean and make the imaginary light saber sounds.

For those of you that have been to the shop know the farm is out front of the shop and the top tree line up on the hill is over 100 yards. This light shined from the front door completely lights up that upper tree line and you can see the eyes of any animals lurking around up there. Slide the head of the light out a bit focusing the beam to more of a pencil beam and you can easily tell what animal those illuminated eyes belong to.

We keep these in each SOE vehicle as well as at all doors to the shop and all out building. At just under 30 bucks (and includes the batteries) you just cant beet them. Being a little larger they are harder to loose and when handed to your asshole friend they cant stick it in a pocket and forget they have you light. And at around 30 dollars it doesn’t hurt as bad if you loose one or lend it out and don’t get it back.

These have a low beam, high beam, and strobe. High beam is a claimed 1300 lumens. I don’t know for sure if it is but its pretty dam close to my $1000 custom 1000 lumen light. Low beam I would guess at around 65 or so. Run time is 2 hours on high beam and 35 hours on low beam. The light will fade further into that claimed time since these run on alkaline C batteries but that’s fine the batteries are low cost and can be found any place. It’s claimed to be water proff to 3 feet. We have had them int he rain and placed them in water but not tested that any further.

Great for an emergency. At this size it wont e hard to find in the dark and in low beam mode it will run a day and half.
Stand it on its end in wide mode pointed at the ceiling and it will light up a room.

We have 20 or so of these now and every day one gets used. These would make a great stocking stuffer and no matter who its given to this is an item that really will get used no matter who they are.



durabeamdurabeam switchdurabeam zoom focus

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Power inverter in each car and truck

We travel 90 min or so to Nashville on weekends and 45 minutes to Jackson during the week. We are often gone the entire day  Amanda usually drives so I can do e-mails and facebook fight, etc. We both have phones, a wireless router, and laptop and often other devices.

Most of the vehicles have multiple charge points not which work fine for cigarette lighter plug in type type chargers but most devices charge faster off the inverter and the laptop wont plug into the lighter. SO we keep an inverter in each car or truck. These come in very handy while the power is out as well.

I have used other brands of inverters but changed them all over to this one.  I had forgotten to put on back in the car after everything was taken out to have the car detailed. I bought this one at a Pilot truck stop in a pinch and was not impressed with it being plastic but it what they had. What I found is it work just as well but has no sharp edges so I don’t have to worry about the kids cutting or scraping the interior with it. I have now used these for almost 3 years and have 6 of them.


This is the little device that help me bring you guys hours of entertainment by charging my devices to allow me to put the smack don on all the little shit talkers.

Whether you buy this one or not you really should have an inverter in your car kit.

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power inverterhttp://amzn.to/2be7PiJ


Salomon S-lab shoes john wears.

s labThese are the shoes I wear daily and have for a year or so now. I have a lot of Salomon’s. These s-labs are lighter and grip better. That better grip means a softer compound which means more squeak on tile and they wear out faster on rough concrete. They are really meant to be a trail running shoe but I love them. They might be just a hair narrower than the XD and other models but after a few minutes in them you don’t notice it.










Sylvania DOT it LED puck lights

We moved from San Diego to Small town Tn 8 years ago. In San Diego the power would go out once maybe twice a year for an hour at the most. Here in TN the storms are greater and more frequent and its nothing for the power to go out once a month. Our Utility guys are great but some times things happen.

We found these puck light years ago and keep them near each door or stuck to the wall near each light switch. They come with velcro that sticks on the wall so you can pull them off and use them as a flashlight. We have them near each light with with the idea that you know where the light switches are even in the dark. We have used the same ones now for over 6 years. We have changed the 3 AAA batteries twice in that time.

I dot know how much light they put out but its more than enough to navigate the house in pitch black. I use one in the bathroom when I get up to pee in the middle of the night and its almost to bright but definitely better than turning on the lights.

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sylvania puck light


Chicken nest boxes we use at the SOE Compound

These are the next boxes we use at the SOE Compound.

We have used wood and metal in the past. The wood gets nasty and hold the funk. The metal rusts eventually in the humid TN weather. I like the plastic as it can be removes at washed if needed. Not a bad idea to do once a year or so.

We use pine shaving in them or straw. For our coops we use a 10×10 chain link dog kennel and have a pice of wood on the outside and a piece on the inside with the chain link sandwiched in between and we just use 1″ drywall screws to hold these nest boxes in place. We have been using the same boxes for over three years now without issue.








1st post on the SOE compound blog


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