Duracell 1300 Lumen Flashlight with Zoom, Batteries Included

like many of you guys I’m a sucker for flashlights and gadgets. I have literally hundreds of flashlights in different sizes, different powers, different batteries and different costs from $15.00 up to $1000.00 each.

I came across these a couple years ago at Costco and bought one on a whim. We where out at the compound one evening and couldn’t find a light for thew life of me. Ran inside and opened on of these and put the included batteries inside it and lit it off. It was like a light saber. Bright enough you could shine it up in the air and see the bean and make the imaginary light saber sounds.

For those of you that have been to the shop know the farm is out front of the shop and the top tree line up on the hill is over 100 yards. This light shined from the front door completely lights up that upper tree line and you can see the eyes of any animals lurking around up there. Slide the head of the light out a bit focusing the beam to more of a pencil beam and you can easily tell what animal those illuminated eyes belong to.

We keep these in each SOE vehicle as well as at all doors to the shop and all out building. At just under 30 bucks (and includes the batteries) you just cant beet them. Being a little larger they are harder to loose and when handed to your asshole friend they cant stick it in a pocket and forget they have you light. And at around 30 dollars it doesn’t hurt as bad if you loose one or lend it out and don’t get it back.

These have a low beam, high beam, and strobe. High beam is a claimed 1300 lumens. I don’t know for sure if it is but its pretty dam close to my $1000 custom 1000 lumen light. Low beam I would guess at around 65 or so. Run time is 2 hours on high beam and 35 hours on low beam. The light will fade further into that claimed time since these run on alkaline C batteries but that’s fine the batteries are low cost and can be found any place. It’s claimed to be water proff to 3 feet. We have had them int he rain and placed them in water but not tested that any further.

Great for an emergency. At this size it wont e hard to find in the dark and in low beam mode it will run a day and half.
Stand it on its end in wide mode pointed at the ceiling and it will light up a room.

We have 20 or so of these now and every day one gets used. These would make a great stocking stuffer and no matter who its given to this is an item that really will get used no matter who they are.



durabeamdurabeam switchdurabeam zoom focus

As always please remember whether you buy this light or not you can help support us and what we do here at SOE by making any purchases you were going to make on amazon anyways by clicking the link to amazon on the right hand bar. Amazon will give us a small kick back and it wont cost you even a pa=enny more to do so.

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