Power inverter in each car and truck

We travel 90 min or so to Nashville on weekends and 45 minutes to Jackson during the week. We are often gone the entire day  Amanda usually drives so I can do e-mails and facebook fight, etc. We both have phones, a wireless router, and laptop and often other devices.

Most of the vehicles have multiple charge points not which work fine for cigarette lighter plug in type type chargers but most devices charge faster off the inverter and the laptop wont plug into the lighter. SO we keep an inverter in each car or truck. These come in very handy while the power is out as well.

I have used other brands of inverters but changed them all over to this one.  I had forgotten to put on back in the car after everything was taken out to have the car detailed. I bought this one at a Pilot truck stop in a pinch and was not impressed with it being plastic but it what they had. What I found is it work just as well but has no sharp edges so I don’t have to worry about the kids cutting or scraping the interior with it. I have now used these for almost 3 years and have 6 of them.


This is the little device that help me bring you guys hours of entertainment by charging my devices to allow me to put the smack don on all the little shit talkers.

Whether you buy this one or not you really should have an inverter in your car kit.

Any purchases you make on amazon in the next 48 hours will give us a small kick back at no cost to you which helps us continue doing what we do.

power inverterhttp://amzn.to/2be7PiJ



  1. Have you had any issues pop up or warnings on your electronics when you run them through the inverter? Im on the road quite a bit, but got the heads up that some of the inverters create a real dirty power that can cause harmful spikes in the pixies running I to your electronics.

    • I have not and I use these for 5 or 6 hours and they run 12 hours straight several times a week. Use them with verizon hot spot router, sumsung note 5, toshiba Harman/Kardon addition lap top and a few other things. Never an issue.

    • That is correct Jason. You plug them into a cig lighter port and they convert the 12v to 110 volt. Great way to charge most anything when the power it=s out. That car battery has a ton of juice and when it runs low you run the car and recharge the battery. you can even run a tv and dvd player of them. Take the battery out of the car and right into the house.

  2. Great to have. We have them in every work truck. Makes charging tool batteries and such a breeze. Keep the great posts coming John

  3. I did the same thing. Bout the same one at a flying J while traveling. The thing is great. Had it for 2 years now. Hasn’t let me down yet.

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