Salomon S-lab shoes john wears.

s labThese are the shoes I wear daily and have for a year or so now. I have a lot of Salomon’s. These s-labs are lighter and grip better. That better grip means a softer compound which means more squeak on tile and they wear out faster on rough concrete. They are really meant to be a trail running shoe but I love them. They might be just a hair narrower than the XD and other models but after a few minutes in them you don’t notice it.









  1. I like a lot of their styles, but they don’t make any in “wide” widths. I amy order a pair one size larger than normal, just to try them.

      • OK, that’s good to know; I won’t give up hope of finding them just yet. They had some kind of trail-running shoe that was available in wide and looked ok, but not the cooler, more sporty kind like I was looking for. I’ll have to look somewhere besides Amazon.

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